Defining and Navigating Dynamic Content

Defining Dynamic Content

Act-On provides a Dynamic Content feature allowing you to personalize emails according to data collected about your subscribers. Using Dynamic Content enables your organization to send one email that varies the content served, such as text, hyperlinks, and graphics saving you from creating multiple emails and sends.

For example, you send a monthly newsletter to your consumer/leisure subscribers but would like to vary messaging to recipients living in various domestic and international locations. Dynamic Content helps you achieve this goal by programming sections of your newsletter to serve geographic-specific content based on the data collected from your website forms.

Adding Dynamic Content to Messages

Before adding Dynamic Content to a message, you must attach a marketing list or segment to the email. These lists/segments ensure that the Simpleview CRM data is set for use with conditional statements. The Dynamic Content feature depends on this data and the conditional statements.

To attach a marketing list or segment to your email, select the Message tab within the Email Composer.


Click ‘Choose Lists or Segments’ in the Recipients section of the Address Tab and select a marketing list or segment for your message.


If you have questions about Dynamic Content, please contact your assigned Marketing Automation Specialist or Strategist.

Dynamic Content Blocks

Select the Design tab within the Email Composer.

Act-On_Dynamic_Content_Design_Tab.jpgExpand the Content section and locate the Dynamic Content block.


Drag the Dynamic Content block into a blank section. A new Dynamic Content screen will appear.

Click Here for a Demonstration

Create a Condition

Create a condition for your IF statement by clicking ‘Untitled Condition.’


A ‘Dynamic Content’ pop-up window appears with the following fields and options.


  • Description: Use this field to enter a brief explanation of the conditional statement, e.g., Drive Market or Flight Market.
  • Contact Field: Use this dropdown menu to select from the Standard Fields Names available in your Act-On account, e.g., state, zip code, city or country.
  • Condition: Use this field to select the logic used in your conditional statement ((equals, does not equal, includes, etc.).
  • Add Profile Condition: Click this option to insert additional criteria.


To finalize your criteria, select ‘OK.’

Use the 'Cancel' button to avoid applying criteria to your Dynamic Content block.

Inserting Dynamic Content

After creating an IF condition statement, use the WYSIWYG editor to create content within a rich text block. The content built in this section will display for all email recipients that meet your established criteria.


Next, you will build ELSE content that will display for recipients that do not meet your established criteria. Use the WYSIWYG editor to create content within a rich text block. 


To insert another IF content section, click ‘Add Conditional Content.’


To finalize the content, select ‘OK.’

Use the 'Cancel' button to avoid applying content to your Dynamic Content block.


Preview and Testing

Act-On allows you to view your Dynamic Content before sending your email. Select the Review tab within the Email Composer and locate the Sample Preview. This preview feature will supply a dropdown of test recipients. Click on any of the contacts provided to see how your Dynamic Content will display for them.


You can also preview your Dynamic Content by sending a test email. This option requires the creation of separate marketing lists. These lists must include column names identical to those that are present on your recipient list. You will also need to select test contacts that meet each of the previously set Dynamic Content conditions.


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