Sales User Overview

Defining Sales Users

Act-On provides your organization with three types of users, each with different functions, access and privileges. The three user types are Marketing User, Marketing Administrator and Sales User.

Sales Users have more limited privileges within Act-On than Marketing Users and Administrators; however, integration with the Simpleview CRM expands the core features provided by Act-On.

The features available to Sales Users within Act-On include tracking individuals and companies visiting your organization's website, sending 1-to-1 emails, viewing sent messages and contact reports, and receiving alerts.

CRM Integration

The Act-On / Simpleview CRM integration allows your Sales team members to send communications from CRM without logging into Act-On. Sales Users can access branded email templates, images, and documents designed by your Marketing department. These assets can be used for sends to contact lists created with CRM searches.

Utilizing the Act-On / Simpleview CRM integration requires the appropriate CRM user security roles. Once these roles are established, Sales Users can access the Act-On email composer within a CRM user group search.

More information about adding new security roles (ability to log in to CRM Knowledgebase is required).

Sales User Features

Act-On Sales Users are provided a variety of features and functions that increase opportunities for identifying and cultivating new leads. For example, the Website Prospector and Act-On Anywhere. Both of these features help your Sales team cut through the noise in order to groom conversations for conversion.

Once leads have been converted to genuine contacts, Act-On’s email functionalities and integrations with Gmail and Outlook will amplify communication possibilities. Features like Activity, Timelines, and the ability to access branded assets allow your organization to realize its fullest potential.

Website Prospector

The Act-On Website Prospector is a tool that allows you to track visitors to your website and what pages those visitors are viewing.

Setting up the Website Prospector requires the installation of a Beacon Tracker. The beacon is a unique code block added to every page of your website domain. Typically this is achieved with Google Tag Manager.

During the activation of your Act-On account, a Beacon Tracker gets installed by Simpleview; however, if you have any questions or concerns about this feature, please contact the Marketing Automation Team.

Once installed, the Website Prospector will display data for anonymous and known prospects, companies visiting your website, and geolocation information. This data supplies your Sales Users with invaluable insight that can translate into leads. More information, Website Prospector {insert link to forthcoming article}


Act-On Activity

Activity is an Act-On feature that provides an overview of website actions and email data specific to contacts.

To access this data click the Home navigation icon. Then locate and click Activity.


The Activity screen provides widgets that display reporting information. Click within the widgets to see graphic data visualizations, website pages, or contact reports. You can select to show activity data by day, week or month.

Click Here for a Demonstration

Send Email Messages from Simpleview CRM Search

Act-On limits Sales Users to 1-to-1 email communications. The Act-On / Simpleview CRM integration allows your Sales team to send emails to multiple Meeting Sales contacts.

The Act-On / Simpleview CRM integration adds a ‘Send Act-On Email’ button to CRM searches. When this feature is utilized, the Act-On email composer launches and provides Sales Users with three different ways to create emails. Users can start with a blank message, select from templates your Marketing team has created, or use a previously sent message to generate a new one.

Using the ‘Send Act-On Email’ ensures that data collected from email communications are stored in Act-On. This information includes opens, clicks, downloaded media, and open-to-click rates.

Additionally, this information is synchronized with the Simepleview CRM and appears as timeline data at the contact level.

More information about the Send Act-On Email Feature (ability to log in to CRM Knowledgebase is required).

Act-On Anywhere Chrome Extension

Act-On Anywhere brings the power of Act-On into a Chrome extension. This extension provides insight into contact behaviors by displaying information directly within your browser.

For example, if you visit the ‘About Us’ page of a business’s website, Act-On Anywhere allows you to retrieve timeline data for contacts listed on that page. This timeline data appears within your Chrome tab.

Act-On Anywhere provides your Sales team with information about what emails a contact has opened or clicked, what assets they have downloaded, and much more.

The immediacy of this information is invaluable for your Sales team. It can transform a cold call into a well-informed conversation.

For more information about Act-On Anywhere, visit Act-On Connect

Act-On Anywhere for Gmail

Act-On Anywhere allows your Sales team to utilize Act-On features in Gmail without requiring them to login to Act-On.

When a Sales User composes a message in Gmail, they will have access to templates created by your organization’s Marketing team. Once the template appears in Gmail, the user can personalize it for the recipient.

Click Here for a Demonstration

Accessing Act-On email templates in Gmail ensures branding continuity for your organization’s messaging.

In addition to email templates, Sales Users can access images, forms, landing pages and media links. Users can then embed these assets within their email.


Act-On Anywhere also provides Record and Notification functionality. With Record enabled, all tracking data for your message will be stored in Act-On, as if you had sent the email from your Act-On instance. Allowing Notifications sends real-time alerts to Chrome when a recipient opens your message or clicks on a link.


For detailed Act-On Anywhere installation instructions for Gmail, visit Act-On Connect

Act-On Anywhere for Outlook

Act-On Anywhere allows Outlook users to take advantage of all the features available to Gmail users except for the Notification function.

To access the Act-On Anywhere for Outlook installation guide, visit Act-On Connect

View Sent Messages

Act-On provides Sales Users with reporting capabilities for Sent Messages. This reporting option supplies users with performance statistics and useful information about individual email sends.

Sent Message Reports include sent, delivered, engagement, action tracking, and clickthrough metrics. This report helps your Sales team make data-driven decisions.

To access this data, click the Home navigation icon. Then locate and click Sent Messages.


Act-On Timelines in Simpleview CRM

The Act-On Contact Report provides your organization with a summary of behavioral and activity data for individual contacts. The information from this report displays within Act-On as a Timeline. Actions on a Timeline include messages sent and opened, clicked links, forms viewed, and media downloaded.


The Act-On / Simpleview CRM integration adds an Act-On Timeline tab to a contact’s detail record with the CRM. The CRM dynamically pulls timeline information for a contact directly from your organization’s Act-On instance.

The Timeline integration feature ensures that Sales Users can access valuable information without logging in to Act-On.

Click here for more details about Act-On Timelines in Simpleview CRM (ability to log in to CRM Knowledgebase is required).

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