How Do I Use the Simpleview Room Block Integration?

Defining the Simpleview Room Block Integration

The Room Block Integration provides the ability to import bid responses associated with a Simpleview CRM lead into your SendSites pages.

Once your SendSites platform is integrated with Simpleview CRM, an “Import Room Block from Simpleview” icon displays.

The feature appears within the WYSIWYG menu for all Text type Sections. Your SendSites users, when granted access, are able to retrieve stakeholder responses using a CRM Lead ID.


Click here for more information about implementing the SendSites / Simpleview Integration.

Using the Room Block Integration

Before beginning the import of bid responses into a SendSites page Section, ensure the following requirements are met:

  • The Lead exists in a Meeting Sales User Group
  • Lead responses are set to “Pursuing” = Yes.

Once your SendSites page is ready, follow the steps below to insert the lead’s room block information.

  1. Add Text type section to page.
  2. Edit section by clicking into the text body.
  3. Place cursor into the desired position of the Room Block data.
  4. Select the “Import Room Block from Simpleview” icon.
  5. Choose the appropriate room block format (examples are shown below).
  6. Search for Lead by ID.
  7. Click “Apply.”

    Click Here for a Demonstration

Once it is placed into the section, you may edit the format of the table by clicking into any cell, column or row.


For more information about modifying a table, read the “Creating Tables” portion of the Page Management article (click here to access article).

Each type of Room Block is demonstrated below. Each visualization is a ‘Text with Image (Right)’ with responses from four properties. Please note that the styling on your SendSites page will differ from these examples.

Room Block Detail


Room Block Summary by Date


Room Block Summary


Additional Details About the Integration

  • The room block information is only pulled from the responses submitted for the Primary, Alternate 1 and Alternate 2 dates.
  • Custom date responses are not included in the Room Block display.
  • Response attachments are not included in the pull of data.
  • Room Block responses can be imported for all Leads, regardless of status type.
  • Once placed into the SendSites Proposal, the Room Block information will not refresh with any changes submitted to the Lead responses.
  • All Room Block data can be edited once it is imported into the SendSites proposal.
  • Simpleview created the "SendSites Bid Book Data" Report as a tool for working with the Room Block integration. For more information, click here to read our CRM Knowledgebase article.

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