Creating Your Digital Passport Registration Form

What Is the Digital Passport User Registration Form?

The user registration form is the first thing that new users will see when they download your Passport app and navigate to the passport container. It is how people create an account for your Passport. People will not be able to check in to any of the Passport locations until they have created their account. An account is needed to track people’s activity in your Passport and record their check-ins.


You can decide what information you’d like to collect from your users. However, we recommend that at a minimum you collect a user’s email address and a password. It’s best to keep forms simple and only ask for information that’s necessary for your passport. Requiring unnecessary information from people can lead to fewer sign-ups.

How to Create Your Digital Passport Registration Form

You can create and manage your Passport’s user registration form in the VisitApps Mobile Application Studio (MAS). You can access it via the MAS main menu. Once you’ve opened the menu, select the ‘Passports’ option.


Then select the ‘User Login’ option.


You should see an option labeled ‘Login Form’. Select this to open up your user registration form.


To add questions to your registration form, select the ‘Add New Input’ field. There are four different types of questions you can add to your form. These include:

  • Checkbox: This allows you to ask a confirmation-style question. For example, for alcohol-related Passports, you may want to ask "Are you 21+?” The checkbox will work as a confirmation to that question.
  • Text: This allows the user to submit a text-based answer to your question, like their name.
  • Phone: This question field is formatted to accept 10-digit phone numbers.
  • Number: This allows users to submit number-based answers to your question, such as their ZIP code.

For each question you add, you will be able to label the question and add placeholder text. This will display to the user before they fill in the form with their own information.


On the right-hand side of the screen, you should see two options for each question.

  • Combine: Any questions that have the Combine box checked will be required.
  • Active: Any questions that have the Active box checked will be visible for users of your Passport.

The ‘X’ icon on the far right-hand side of the screen lets you remove questions from the registration form.

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