Defining and Navigating the Firebase Console

What is Google Analytics for Firebase?

The Google Analytics for Firebase is an integration with your Mobile Application Studio (MAS) that provides analytics and insights into your app. This tool allows you to see how visitors behave within your VisitApps app, as well as give you insight into each visitor outside of the app using data received from Google.

All of the information provided by Firebase will give you data to assist with your app marketing strategies and optimizing your app for better user experience.


It should be noted that this data can also be viewed within the context of traditional Google Analytics. Above the Dashboard view, you will see a link to the associated Analytics project from which you will be able to see similar dashboards to the ones later described within Firebase.

How Do I Access the Firebase Console?

You can access your Google Analytics for Firebase through the firebase website ( From there, select the ‘Sign In’ button from the top navigation bar. You will then be prompted to enter in your Google Account username and password.


Once you are logged in, the page will refresh and different options will be available on the Firebase home page. Select the ‘Go to Console’ option from the top navigation bar.


This will open the Product Overview page within Firebase.


If you have multiple apps, you can toggle between the two by selecting the dropdown caret next to the default app name and selecting another app.


Accessing the Analytics Section

You have multiple analytics available to you in the Firebase Console of Google Analytics. To access this area, take the following steps.

Open the navigation bar from the left side using the caret.

Click Here for a Demonstration

Selecting the Analytics section will open up the options of that section.


Dashboard: Card items that display key analytics for your app.

Events: Collection of insights on what is happening in your app, such as user actions, system events, or errors.

Conversions: Displays how many conversion events and purchases, along with how much revenue and life-time value were driven by each aspect of your marketing (e.g., campaign, ad network, creative).

Audiences: Segment your users in ways that are important to your business.

Funnels: Visual and optimize the completion rate of a series of steps (events)#Top in your app.

User Properties: Define attributes to describe segments of your user base, such as language preference or geographic location.

Latest Releases: Provides analytics when you deploy new versions of your app. The Latest Release Report helps you understand app adoption, engagement, and stability metrics.

Retention: Provides analytics on retention rates for your app.

StreamView: Access reports that analyze your app data across periods of time to identify trends and anomalies among segments of your user base.

DebugView: Validates your Analytics configuration during development.

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