New Feature and Documentation Update February 21 2018

Our Product team has recently made several upgrades to the VisitApps Mobile App Studio (MAS). Here are the highlights:

Digital Passports Are Now Available!

We are excited to announce that you can now build Digital Passports using the VisitApps MAS. Digital Passports work much like a traditional passport, which gets stamped as you travel the world and visit new locations. Digital Passports are apps built specifically for your destination, and they keep track of check-ins at your local businesses.


A check-in can be made by using a secret code word, being within a geolocation radius, or by uploading an image. Each of these check-in types can be bundled for extra verification that the user truly did go to the business.


As users check-in to your passport’s specified locations, they can reach different levels of achievement. For example, three check-ins could equal ‘Novice’ level, six could equal ‘Intermediate’, and 10 check-ins could give them ‘Expert’ status. For each level achieved, you can offer different rewards.


These features and more make Digital Passports a great way to promote member and partner businesses and keep track of the number of check-ins at each location.

All of this content is easily managed with the VisitApps MAS. If you choose to enable Digital Passports, you will be able to create passports using the Passport Container, Item, and Property Draggables.


The Digital Passport can leverage Simpleview CRM Listings to quickly build out your passport items, or you can build them individually using the Passport Item Draggable.


If you are interested in learning more about Digital Passports, please reach out to your Client Success Manager by submitting a ticket through the Simpleview Client Portal.

Menu Labels Updated

We have updated the main VisitApps MAS with simplified language! We have also added Passports to the menu. For clients who have the feature enabled they will be able to use this to view the analytics from their Digital Passport.


New Listing Display Styles Added

A new option for displaying content in Places Containers has been added to the VisitApps MAS. Now, containers set to display their content with square thumbnail images can also display the distance of how far away the location is from the app user. This will function if the item has latitude and longitude data.


*Distance can only be recognized when viewing on a mobile device. This screenshot was taken using the VisitApps MAS.

React Native Camera Added to VisitApps MAS

We added camera functionality to VisitApps. This is currently being leveraged by the Digital Passport feature to allow users to take and upload pictures from their app. However, it can be used in future applications. If you have an idea for using a camera in your app, please reach out by sending a ticket through the Simpleview Client Portal.

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