New Feature and Documentation Update March 27 2018

Our Product team has recently made several upgrades to the VisitApps Mobile App Studio (MAS). Here are the highlights:

Simpleview Events Draggable Now Available

We’re excited to announce that the Simpleview Events draggable has been added to the VisitApps MAS! This provides a simple and convenient way for app users to import their events from the Simpleview CRM.


Once enabled in your VisitApps MAS, you will be able to simply add the Simpleview draggable to your Events Container. Then it will sync and populate your app with upcoming events. Events will sync every 24 hours. Any events that were updated in the Simpleview CRM will also be updated in the VisitApps MAS. Only updated events will be re-synced.


This process dramatically speeds up the sync time for your events. In the past, all items would be removed, and then rebuilt on a nightly basis. By updating only the changed items, the amount of time required for syncing is reduced.


Remember, because the Simpleview draggable is setting up a feed that syncs every night, you should not make changes to your events within the VisitApps MAS. If you do, your changes will be overwritten when the sync occurs with the current information in the Simpleview CRM.

The Simpleview Events draggable offers the following options:

  • Categories: Select which categories to display from the Simpleview CRM
  • Events UDFs: Display information found in the Simpleview CRM Events UDF fields
  • Item Template: Determine how your events will display in the container
  • Action Bar: Select item properties that will display in the Action Bar
  • Share: Select properties to be added to the share action on the event


If you would like to enable the Simpleview Events draggable, please reach out to your Client Success Manager by submitting a ticket through the Simpleview Client Portal.

Month View Calendar Navigation Now Available

Give visitors more of a big-picture view of upcoming events with a monthly calendar in addition to the chronological event list.


See which days of the month events are taking place. Colored dots appear on days with events. App users can select a date and see the event details.

This feature is available to everyone, but needs to be activated before you can use it. Please reach out to your Client Success Manager by submitting a ticket through the Simpleview Client Portal.

Favorite Events Now Sort Chronologically

We’ve updated the "Favorites" section of our apps to allow users to sort favorited events chronologically. Previously, they were arranged in the order the user favorited them. We further updated the favorites container to display the date and time of favorited events, in addition to the event title. This makes it easier for app users to craft their own schedule.


This update has been applied to all apps automatically!

Additional Event Updates!

  • We have updated the way that a parent Events container displays the data when using the Filter action item. This is when using the Simpleview draggable to populate an Events container with data from CRM. What this means is that you can now have an "All Events” container with the filter action item on it, and then create children containers for each event category that you want to include in the app. When an app is assigned to multiple categories in CRM, it will only appear once in the All Events container, rather than once for each category that it is assigned to, as it would previously.
  • You can now create events with irregular recurrence schedules by adding additional time frame properties to the event for each instance that it re-occurs. This means that building multiple items for multi-day events is no longer required. 

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