Apple Developer Account: Tips & Tricks

Why Do I Need an Apple Developer Account?

Your Apple Developer Account allows you to manage your app’s listing details for the Apple App Store, as well as view many helpful usage and download analytics.

Refer to the Apple Developer Account Setup article for details on creating an Apple Developer Account. 

What Is Apple’s App Store Connect?

App Store Connect is Apple’s app management console. That means you can manage the listing details for your app, analyze its performance and use tools to strategically market your app once you log in.

When you login to App Store Connect, you will see a screen like the one below. It will display any, or all, of the apps your organization manages.

Select the app you wish to view or work with by clicking on the app icon.


Settings & Analytics Available in App Store Connect

There are several settings you can edit, and analytics you can view, in App Store Connect. Below, we will walk through a few tips and tricks regarding the information most app managers find most useful.

Manage Your App Listing

Once you have selected the app you’d like to manage, you will see the App Information tab. From here, administrators can manage listing information and graphics.

During your initial set up, your Client Success Manager will manage all of this for you. But if you’d like to make adjustments in the future, this is where you could do so.


Access Your App Analytics

To view your app’s analytics, use the dropdown menu at the top of the screen, select "App Analytics."


You will then see a dashboard that highlights several different data sets and analytics about your app’s performance.


Clicking on any individual graph or statistic allows you to get a closer look at the data set. For example, you could investigate how many times an app has been installed compared to active devices, sessions per install, and the number of active devices during a specified time frame.


You can also build a custom report by playing around with the dials and selecting the correct report for you. You can save the reports you build to easily run again in the future. To save a report, select the download icon in the upper right corner of the graph.


Review Your App Downloads

One of the most common analytics app managers want to know is how many times their app has been downloaded. You can easily do this by selecting the "Sources” tab.

This shows you a lot of information about how people downloaded your app, including whether they actively searched for your app in the App Store, where they found it online, or if they clicked on a Smart Banner from your website. This information can help you make decisions about how to market your app in the areas you attract the most users.


Understanding Your App Retention Rate

The "Retention” tab allows you to see how many people download the app on any day and how likely they are to continue using it the subsequent days. Based on these numbers, you can get insight into usage around events and messages.


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