How to Build Your First App

Overview of Content Creation in the VisitApps MAS

Building your app in the VisitApps MAS is easily accomplished by understanding the three main building blocks available in the MAS: Containers, Items and Properties.

Essentially Containers determine the structure and menus within your app, Items are your app’s pages and Properties provide the information and content of your app. Understanding this basic overview will help you be successful as you start building your first app.

Creating and Editing Containers

Containers are used to categorize your Items. They create the structure and navigation of your app.

You can add a Container by selecting it from the Draggables library and placing it in the Content section. Containers are indicated by blue icons.

Click Here for a Demonstration

The main containers that are built in the Content section will create your root menu, and will display at the bottom of your app. Up to five containers can display in the Root Menu.


You can add levels to your app’s navigation by selecting the Container’s name, which takes you inside the selected container. You can use the breadcrumbs at the top of the Content section to get back to where you started.

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To edit a container’s properties, select the icon next to the Container’s name. Doing so will open up the Container’s settings.

More information about editing and designing your Containers

Creating Items

Items are the pages of your app that display your app’s content. Items can be added to your app’s Containers.

You can add an Item by selecting it from the Draggables library. Items are indicated by black icons.


Once you’ve added an Item, you can update its settings by selecting the Item name.

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More information about editing and designing Items

Adding Properties, Images and Actions

Properties are placed on top of Items and Containers to add information to your app. They also provide actions that your app users can interact with. Properties exclusive to items are indicated with a yellow icon color, while properties in general are green. You can mix and match these to customize your app with Properties, such as:

  • Image
  • Address
  • Contact Information
  • Podcast Link
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • FaceTime Number
  • Share Option
  • Text
  • User Notes
  • Video
  • Website Link


You can add any of these to Properties to an Item by dragging it and placing it on top of the Item.


Once you’ve added a Property, you can update its settings by selecting the Property name.

Click Here for a Demonstration

More details about editing and designing your Properties 

Using the Pocket to Quickly Edit Your App

The Pocket is used to move Containers and Items around in your app. It can also be used to duplicate and link Items. Linking Items makes the same item available to be accessed via different containers.

To move a Container or Item, select its icon and drag it into the Pocket.

Click Here for a Demonstration

Next, navigate to the Container you wish to place that Container/Item in the Content section of your VisitApps MAS. Then drag the action from the Pocket into the new placement you want it to live.

Click Here for a Demonstration

Learn more about moving, duplicating and multi-parenting content

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