Navigating the VisitApps Interface

VisitApps Interface Overview


By the Numbers

  1. Menu: The Menu is what you use to navigate to different sections of the Visit Apps Mobile Application Studio (MAS). More details are available in the "Menu" topic below.
  2. App Preview: The App Preview allows you to see how the updates you make in the MAS will appear on user’s devices. More details are available in the "App Preview" topic below.
  3. Content: The Content section of your app is where you make the edits and updates to your app’s menus and pages. More details are available in the "Content" topic below.
  4. Switcher: The Switcher allows you to move between editing multiple apps or crowds you may be managing with the VisitApps MAS. More details are available in the "Switcher" topic below.
  5. Draggables and the Pocket: The Draggables and Pocket window allow you to add features and interactive touch points to your app. More details are available in the "Draggables and the Pocket" topic below.



By the Numbers

  1. App Content: The ‘App Content’ option opens up the app editor, allowing you to make changes to your content. This will also display a live preview of your content changes on the left-side of the screen.


  2. Messages: 'Messages’ opens up your Messages screen. From here, you are able to create and manage message drafts, send messages, and view message performance statistics.


  3. App Engagement: Selecting ’App Engagement’ will open up the engagement dashboard


  4. Learning Center: Selecting ‘Learning Center’ will open up a new browser tab/window displaying the VisitApps Knowledgebase.
  5. Log OutThis option will log you out of the VisitApps MAS and take you back to the VisitApps login screen.


App Preview


By the Numbers

  1. Content Status: The content status box informs you about whether the updates you’ve made to your app are live or not.
    There are three different statuses possible: ‘Pending Changes’, ‘Synchronizing’ and ‘Content is Live’.
    Pending Changes: If you have made any changes to your app’s content, the content status will turn yellow and say ‘Make it Live’ and display the number of uncommitted changes.


    Synchronizing: Once you select ‘Make it Live’, the content status box will turn blue and say ‘Synchronizing’ and ‘It is safe to close your browser’. This creates a new database that is sent out to all of the devices with your app installed.


    Content is Live: You will see a green box that says ‘Content is Live’ when your app is live and all of the content is current.


  2. Live App Preview: The app preview provides a real-time visual of the content changes made to your app in the VisitApps MAS. This means that while editing your content, the preview is not what your app users see. Rather, it’s what your app will look like if you pushed the changes live.

    Keep in mind that the preview won’t be a perfect representation of what your app will look like on a real phone. For example, the preview is unable to sort events chronologically because it doesn’t have a calendar, and it can’t display listing distances because it doesn’t have GPS. Additionally, the app preview has scroll bars to navigate which won’t appear in your app.


    If you double-click on the center ‘home’ button on the mobile display, you can switch between an Apple iOS and Google Android preview.

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The Content section of the VisitApps MAS is where you manage your app’s content. The Content section works like a menu, allowing you to view and update various levels of your app’s navigation.

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The top level container that displays in the Content section creates your app’s root menu, which is the main menu available at all times in your app.


If you select a container, you can manage the content that lives in that section of your app.


The Switcher informs you on which app, or crowd on your app, you are currently managing. If you have multiple apps or crowds managed by the VisitApps MAS, you would be able to switch between them by selecting the dropdown arrow.


Draggables and the Pocket


The Draggable window displays all of the containers and items you have available to use in your app.



The Pocket is a tool that allows you to move content from one section of your app to another, or to clone content. It will only display content you have moved into the Pocket.

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