How to Use Content Drafts

What is the Content Draft Feature?

Marking a container as a Draft means that the container and everything inside of it will not be made live. It doesn’t matter if the user clicks the "Make it Live" button or if the nightly sync is happening, anything in a container that is marked as a Draft, including the container itself, will not be made live.


When Should I Use Content Drafts?

Have content that you’re not ready to publish yet? Drafts is a great tool to use for works in progress and seasonal content. It gives you the opportunity to finish something on your own time and make it live when you’re ready to. Build content ahead of time and make it live on the date you want.


Working on 4th of July content in January? Mark it as a draft!

How Do I Publish My Draft Changes?

Once a container is no longer marked as a Draft, clicking the "Make it Live" button makes the content appear in the app, allowing all users to see it.

Reminder: You can still make other changes live in the app as long as they’re not marked as Drafts.

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