How to Verify Image Upload Check-in Submissions

Accessing the Verification Section of Digital Passports

Check-ins that are made by image upload need to be verified by someone on your team. All image upload submissions will be stored in a central location where you can review and approve or deny them.


You can access them via the MAS main menu. Once you’ve opened the menu, select the ‘Passports’ option.


Then select ‘Verify’.


Managing Image Upload Check-in Verifications

Verifying image upload check-ins is very simple. A passport user will know if their submission was accepted by checking back in the app. They will not receive a notification.

Check-In Verification

  • Email Address: This will display the email address of the user who submitted the check-in.
  • Date Submitted: This will display the date and time that the check-in was submitted.

To verify an image, select the row of the submission. Doing so will open up a view of the submitted image. There will also be two buttons to either ‘Approve’ or ‘Deny’ the submission.


If the image meets your criteria, select ‘Approve’ and the user will receive credit for their check-in. If the image does not fulfill your criteria, select ‘Deny’.

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