Understanding the Crowds Feature

What is the Crowd Feature?

Crowd is a paid feature that provides your organization the ability to segregate VisitApps content. Upon downloading the app, users are prompted to select an app experience. This segregation serves up unique experiences for users of your application.

Once the Crowd feature is enabled in your Mobile Application Studio (MAS) application, content may be added to each crowd type. Additionally, push notifications may be scheduled and/or sent based on a specific Crowd audience.

For additional information about notifications, refer to the Push Notifications and Messages category.

How do I Get the Crowd Feature?

If you would like this feature enabled in your VisitApps platform, please reach out to your Customer Success Team to request more information.

When Should I Use the Crowd Feature?

Use the Crowd feature when you want to provide a unique experience based on a defined user type. Crowd types, or audiences, can be configured for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Language type
  • In Market versus Out of Market
  • Destination Experience versus Meetings
  • New Users versus Existing Users

Using the Crowd Feature

Once your VisitApps platform has the Crowd feature enabled, crowd types display within the Switcher dropdown.


Before attempting to use the Crowd feature, be sure to build your content.

More information on our Content Management

Use the steps below to assign a Crowd type to a Containers

Select the Container’s title to access its properties. Using the Draggables window, select the green ‘Crowd’ option and drag it over to the Container.

Click Here for a Demonstration

Next, use the dropdown menu for the selection of the desired Crowd type.



An additional option of the Crowd feature is the ability to add a Crowd as an Item. Using a Crowd as an Item allows users of your app to switch between different crowds while in the app.


Most apps using crowds are configured to prompt users of the application to select a crowd upon signing in. Using a Crowd as an Item allows your app users to switch between crowds within the app at any point in time.

Use the steps below to add the Crowd as an Item:

  1. Navigate to the Container where you want the Item to reside.
  2. Click the Container’s title to open the content section.
  3. Within the Draggables window, click and drag the ‘Select Crowd’ option to the desired Containers

    Click Here for a Demonstration


Password-Protected Crowds

Content for each of your Crowds may be configured with password protection. This is useful for creating private content such as Deals and Events for specific users.


This feature must be configured by a VisitApps team member.

For more use cases, speak to your Customer Success Representative to learn about password-protected crowds.

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