What is the Act-On / Simpleview CRM Integration?

The Act-On / Simpleview CRM integration allows your organization to expand the functionality of both platforms to maximize the potential of your email marketing goals.

This integration permits users to create contact-based advanced searches in the Simpleview CRM across multiple user groups and sync those searches with Act-On. These searches sync daily and form the foundation for the Act-On marketing lists attached to your organization's email campaigns.

Simpleview CRM contact tags, UDFs and inquiry tags can be added to advanced searches, affording users many options for segmenting marketing lists in Act-On. Additionally, users can leverage these data points to personalize emails via the dynamic content functionality available in Act-On.

The integration can also connect CRM Form Builder forms to Act-On. Information gathered from these forms can generate double opt-in emails, trigger response emails and enter contacts into automated programs. 

Additionally, Act-On Contact Report data synchronizes with CRM contact records in the form of timelines. This timeline data provides CRM users a direct view of a contact’s behaviors and activities with Act-On marketing campaigns.

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