Defining the Send Act-On Email Feature

Act-On provides your organization with three types of users, each with different functions, access and privileges. The three user types are Marketing User, Marketing Administrator and Sales User. 

Marketing Users can perform a multitude of functions, for example, marketing list management, creating segmentation, creating templates and messages, uploading assets, creating automated programs, and much more.

Marketing Administrators can do everything Marketing Users can do, add and remove users, assign privileges, approve campaign launches and much more.

Sales Users have more limited privileges, one of which is the capability to only send 1-to-1 emails from within Act-On. The "Send Act-On Email" feature eliminates the need for your organization to have your sales team members set up as marketing users in your Act-On platform. Instead, the feature allows these team members to send communications from CRM without logging into Act-On.

A CRM user must have Act-On credentials and the appropriate security settings configured within their CRM user account to use the "Send Act-On Email" feature.

Please contact your assigned Marketing Automation Specialist if you have any questions or require assistance.

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