How Act-On Timelines Work with CRM Contacts and Attendees

Act-On collects and stores engagement and activity data for individual email recipients or contacts. This data collection is aggregated into a Contact Report within Act-On and is available throughout the platform. Most notable within marketing lists.

Contact Reports provide a Summary tab that displays a cumulative view and count of an individual contact’s behavior, activity and score. These counts include emails sent, opened and clicked, website pages viewed, webinars attended, and automated programs a contact has entered.


Individual contact’s Contact Report Summary data is also available in a Timeline tab. This feature allows you to view and filter a contact’s behavior and activity in a chronological graphic display.


The Act-On / Simpleview CRM integration allows your organization to create and sync CRM contact-based advanced searches with Act-On. The daily sync pulls timeline data from Act-On and inserts it directly into CRM Contacts’ Act-On Timeline tab. This feature ensures that your organization members who work exclusively in CRM can view timelines without accessing Act-On.

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