Simpleview DAM New Feature Release: June 23, 2020

Our Product team has recently made updates to the Simpleview DAM. Here are the highlights:

Re-branding to Simpleview DAM

One of the final steps of re-branding the DAM system is all preview images displaying with the ‘Simpleview’ watermark rather than the ‘Barberstock’. This will provide a consistent brand experience for all users across multiple platforms.

Assets will be updated in batches from newest to oldest, so users may see both Simpleview and Barberstock watermarks in place until the migration is complete. 



If you currently have a custom client watermark, it will be retained.

Transitional UI: Thumbnail Improvement

To continually improve the user experience, thumbnails now are being generated at higher resolution. This means that they will appear much more sharply as part of the image grid. 

Assets are being updated in batches, from newest to oldest, and until all new thumbnails have been generated, we’ll use the existing thumbnails as a fallback.

Resolved Issues

None this release.

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