Simpleview DAM New Feature Release: April 28, 2020

Our Product team has recently made updates to the Simpleview DAM. Here are the highlights:

Brand Colors

  • As we move to build a more consistently branded suite of Simpleview products, brand colors that were part of the previous UI have been removed, but your client logo will remain.
  • In subsequent UI rollouts, you will have the opportunity to create a custom image/logo header to increase branding.


Rolling Restoration

  • As you click around the platform, you’ll notice pieces of our new UI mixed with our old UI on certain pages. As part of our rolling restoration to update the Simpleview DAM, includes approaching the UI in phases. Phase 1 applied the new list and grid view to the main landing/view all assets page only. 
  • Elements such as the updated header, left navigation, and footer have been applied to the entire Simpleview DAM platform, regardless of which page you’re on.  

Simpleview New UI Library

  • Our DAM will be the first of Simpleview’s product to integrate with the New  Simpleview UI Library
  • The New UI Library is a robust collection of elements, such as a grid and list view, filter set, iconography, and more that will eventually be used in all Simpleview products and is configurable based on the needs of the product and user base 
  • Seamlessly plugging into any of Simpleview’s products, having one consistent set of UI elements across all Simpleview products will allow for brand consistency and seamless navigation as you move from product to product

Transitional UI Opt-Out

  • Upon launch, the platform will default to the transitional UI, however, if you’d like to return to the previous user interface, please select ‘Return to current Simpleview DAM’ at the bottom right of the footer. 

Before Mosaic


After Mosaic


CMS/DAM Integration

  • The integration between CMS and DAM will remain in place unchanged
  • As long as you are an existing DAM client, you will continue to use the DAM within your CMS exactly as you did before

Updates & Changes to the Header

Added the Simpleview logo

  • Simpleview acquired Barberstock in 2017
  • We have renamed Barberstock to Simpleview DAM

Platform Switcher

  • If you have access to more than one SV DAM library, you will now see the platform switcher in the header to the right of the Simpleview logo.
  • Previously the Platform Switcher appeared in the left navigation underneath the client logo


Search Function

  • The search will function the same as it did previously
  • The view dropdown will be moved from the search bar to the top navigation/filters.

Logout button

  • The logout button functions as it did previously.

DAM Landing Page Featuring Header Changes


Updates & Changes to the Left Navigation


  • The left navigation functions as it did previously with an updated, more modern design.


  • Categories have moved to the top navigation/filters.
    • To allow for greater search capabilities within categories, you will see a dropdown for categories in the top navigation. 
    • Details on the categories functionality can be found in Categories section below.

Left Navigation Collapsed and Expanded

Side_Nav_Collapsed.png                     Side_Nav_Expanded.png

The Addition of the Top Navigation/Filter

We’ve added a top navigation which includes a filter set so you can drill down into your assets to find exactly what you’re looking for more easily. 


  • Note that any filter selected will need to be manually cleared until a “Clear All” button is available in a future release. 
  • When you select a filter option from within one of the filter dropdowns, it will show up in the right window labeled “Selected Options” indicating you have selected it. 
  • To deselect it, simply hit the X next to the option you wish to remove. 
Click Here for a Demonstration

Asset Type

  • Images
  • Docs and Logos
  • Video
  • Audio (visible only if you have audio files)
  • You now have the ability to search within multiple asset types (ex. Images and Videos)


  • You can now filter your assets by portrait or landscape
  • Both portrait and landscape images will show in your assets view unless filtered upon
  • You do not have to tag your assets with the portrait or landscape orientation for them to show in the filter results. File orientation is defined automatically.


  • You can now search within multiple categories by selecting the category(s) you want to search within by selecting the checkbox.
  • You have the ability to search via keyword in the category section as well.
  • Categories will now appear flattened to where all subcategories will show as Parent>Child (example Accommodations>Hotels).
  • Categories will now show by asset type and are included in one list.
  • Editing categories can be done via the Review section in the left nav. From the Categories dropdown in the left nav, select the asset type the category lives in. The list of categories will load in a pop-up. You will have the same editing options as before, so from that pop-up you can edit categories, create categories, rename a category, etc.
Click Here for a Demonstration

Access Groups

  • Only visible to admin users
  • You can now view assets in more than one Access Group

List View/Grid View Dropdown

  • You will now have the ability to view your assets in either a list view (new) or grid view
  • Grid view will be your default view
  • More details on the list view and grid view functionality can be found below in the “Addition of List View & Grid View” section


Number of Assets per Page Dropdown

  • Via this dropdown, you can select how many assets will show up on a page
  • The option to select which page number to go to (similar to the previous UI) will be implemented in subsequent releases.


Jump to Page

  • The Jump to Page functionality has been retained
  • To jump to a certain page, simple click onto the asset numbers and enter the page you’d like to jump to


Sort by Barberstock Number/Rank

  • This feature will be implemented in subsequent releases.
  • The default sort view is by Rank for all users. 
  • All users can sort by Barberstock number/DAM ID in the List View

Overall Top Navigation/Filter Set

Asset Type Filter Expanded


Orientation Filter Expanded


Categories Filter Expanded


Access Groups Filter Expanded


Addition of List View & Grid View

Part of the Mosaic UI library includes a list view, new to the DAM product, and grid view. 

Grid View

  • The grid view is the default view for your assets
  • When you hover over an image, a larger preview appears 
  • The edit functionality, viewable only to Admin users is now accessible via the pencil icon
  • Add to Download Queue
    • The cloud icon will prompt a window with the download options to open in a drawer with the file options.
  • Linked Document Icons
    • Assets with linked documents will feature the attachment icon to the right of the right of the title and DAM ID. 
    • Click on the icon to view the attached documents


List View

  • The list view will be available to both regular and admin users
  • From the list view, you will see the same edit and add to download queue icons
  • You will have the option to sort by DAM Id (previously Barberstock number) from the list view. 

Grid View


List View



You can upload assets from two places:

  • The left navigation
  • The Upload button in the top navigation

The upload button in the left navigation will eventually be phased out and will only be available in the top navigation.

Upload Locations




  • We updated our support email address to:
  • Emails sent to the previous address ( are still received by the team


  • The Barberstock logo has been removed from the footer

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