Simpleview DAM New Feature Release: August 18, 2020

Our Product team has recently made updates to the Simpleview DAM. Here are the highlights:

Access Group Filter:  Sort-Order Added

As requested by our DAM user base, the Access Group Filter is now alphabetized by group. You can find this filter on the assets main grid and, if you have access, the admin users grid as well as the users grid.


Delayed Hover Preview

Listening to our users, it was brought up that when hovering over an asset thumbnail, the large preview was appearing too quickly. We are happy to announce that a slight delay has been added as requested by our user base. 

Click Here for a Demonstration

Registration Form

Additional text has been added on all platforms after the field ‘How will you be using these digital assets’ which reads: “Please be as detailed as possible.”.


Rebranding From Barberstock to DAM

As part of our rebranding, all system emails will now be sent from on all platforms.

Resolved Issues

  • Some assets were showing inaccurate data when the user hovered over them on the Assets grid. This has been corrected. 
  • Audio clip previews are now successfully generated. Previously, if a user uploaded an audio file, a preview was not generating.

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