Product Bulletin: Intermittent Asset Disappearances

We have discovered an issue within the DAM platform that is causing intermittent disappearances of assets. Please see our plan to remedy the situation below. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. These instances have been relatively infrequent, but please know we are working diligently to resolve the issue completely. 

Understanding the Issue

The DAM platform is currently experiencing platform outages. These instances happen randomly and cannot be predicted. During the instance, users may be temporarily unable to access their DAM assets. Rest assured that even though the assets may be temporarily unavailable, no physical loss has occurred. Our platform was designed to fix itself when this issue arises, which is why the outages only last for a short period. 

Who Is Affected?

We believe that all users who are attempting to use the platform during an incident could be affected regardless of their level of user permissions. 

How It Is Being Resolved

Resolving this issue is our top priority. The Product team has conducted in depth testing and research to determine the cause of the issue and what can be done to fix it. Aside from allocating more capacity to work on the issue, we’ve also brought on additional engineering help in order to expedite the fix. 

If upon logging into the platform, you discover your assets are not visible in our transitional UI, please access your platform via the legacy UI, where you will be able to see your assets, search, download, etc. If you’d prefer to use the transitional UI, you can refresh the page every few minutes until assets appear again. Furthermore, you can logout, wait 5-10 minutes, and log back in. 

If you need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via support ticket.

Thank you for your continued support.

- The DAM Product Team

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