Simpleview DAM New Features and Resources: March 01, 2022

Simpleview recently made updates to the Simpleview DAM. On Tuesday, March 01, 2022, these will be available in North and South America, Europe and Africa. Customers in Australia and Asia should see the changes on Wednesday, March 02, 2022.

New Features and Enhancements

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New Default Landing Page

All users will now be directed to the updated Simpleview DAM user interface by default after logging in. If you prefer the classic experience, the option to toggle back will remain.

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Resolved Issues

  • Notifications will now trigger normally when items are added to the download queue. There was recently a bug where adding items to the download queue would not trigger alerts.
  • The download asset icon only changes to a checkmark when an asset is added to the download queue. Recently, a rare bug caused all assets to appear as additions to the download queue.
  • The Terms & Conditions page will now display the “Simpleview DAM Terms” tab properly. There was previously a bug causing the page to revert to displaying “Barberstock Terms” when other tabs were selected.

Learn Simpleview DAM

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