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Prospecting: A Personalized Sales Approach in a Technology-Driven Environment

Technology reigns … but it’s still essential to connect with customers on a personal level if you want to best match your products and services to their business goals and objectives. In this special prospecting MINT+ webinar (recorded January 18, 2024), we explore ways to infuse the authenticity of destination, hotel, and venue experiences into communication and relationship-building skills. We review: • Best practices for connecting by learning, linking, leveling, and playing the long game • Tips for writing emails that reflect the way we really speak, knowing when it’s time to pick up the phone, and even resurrecting the personal note • How to tailor in-person meetings to customer preferences and schedule trade show appointments that set you apart from the rest

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MINT+ All Subscriber Webinar - Q4 - Planting the Seeds of Opportunity: Build the 3 Essential Queries in MINT+

Getting the most out of MINT+ requires users to incorporate the database into their daily sales activities. Being well-informed prior to customer outreach garners better responses from event organizers and identifying the most qualified meetings increases the return on investment in prospecting. Use this October 19, 2023 webinar to discover how to actively cultivate the practices needed to increase your meeting intelligence, time efficiency, and competitive advantage.

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MINT+ All Subscriber Webinar - Q3 - Good Data In, Good Data Out: How To Contribute Clean Data for MINT+ Prospecting

Explore our recorded July 12, 2023 webinar on your DMO's role in providing clean data to MINT+ and enhancing reporting accuracy for recurring meetings.

During the session, we review:

  • Meeting profiles and other ways you can improve MINT+ data
  • How to ensure that updated data in your CRM flows to MINT+
  • How to deactivate contacts in MINT+
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How Sales Leaders Can Max Out Their MINT+ Value

Check out our April 13, 2023 webinar to better understand how you can encourage your sales team to use MINT+, integrate it into your sales leadership practices, and hold your team accountable.  

 During this session, we covered the following:

  • How MINT+ can help your team develop account knowledge and prospecting opportunities
  • The benefits of query building in supporting the building of markets, filling need dates, supporting hotel partners, surveying comp sets, and aiding tradeshows, sales missions, and Fam Trips.
  • The addition of data science to MINT+ and how it can provide recommended meetings for your destination to consider! 
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A Perfect Pairing: Simpleview CRM and MINT+ (Integration Webinar)  

Want to learn more about how the Simpleview/MINT CRM integration works? Josiah Craig explored this Simpleview integration during our January 19, 2023, webinar.  

Get the confidence you need to maximize the full potential of your MINT+ research. Learn how the integration between Simpleview CRM and MINT+ lets you bring Orgs, Meeting Profiles, Contacts, and History/Futures from MINT+ directly into your CRM. And more! 

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Before the Lead: Using Profiles to Aid Prospecting & Refine Meeting Sales Efforts  

Profiles are a big part of the MINT+ ecosystem. Watch this Nov. 17th, 2022, webinar to learn more about the best way to utilize them in your Simpleview CRM.

While leads provide details about specific meeting occurrences, meeting profiles group all recurring leads in one profile — providing a comprehensive view of not only the overall meeting parameters but a record of the meeting trends as well. Tune in to this discussion about how meeting profiles provide value for your sales efforts that keeping meeting information at the lead level cannot match.

This Simpleview CRM Webinar is listed here because it highly relates to MINT+ usage for our Simpleview users. 

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MINT+ Sales Proactivity: Stay Ready, So You Don’t Have to Get Ready  

Watch this October 12th, 2022, webinar to learn from our guest panelists on how to use MINT+ to prepare for exceeding the expectations of both your planners and partners. Malinda Harrell of Visit Raleigh is a seasoned sales leader responsible for guiding her sales team with a targeted destination strategic plan. Samantha Brown of Visit Madison is a new salesperson in our industry, building an account base with extensive qualification of accounts. 

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10 Impressive Ways Your Sales Peers Maximize MINT+ 

We invite MINT+ users to watch this webinar recorded on May 28, 2022, for an overview of the latest enhancements and use cases curated from top MINT+ users to get the most out of search and query. Learn top users’ systematic approaches for utilizing the database and get inspired to engage with MINT+ daily to enhance your prospecting efforts creatively.

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New Tools to Fuel Your 2022 Sales Resurgence

Recorded live on January 28, 2022; watch it if you would like to learn more about two new tools: Key Classifications and Recommended Meetings. Searching for new meeting prospects in MINT+ will be a crucial tool to benefit post-pandemic meeting recovery. We want to show you how diving in to find potential meeting prospects is easier than ever with two new enhanced features.

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MINT+ All Subscriber Update

Curious about what is new with MINT+? Then check out our October 28th, 2021, MINT+ All Subscriber meeting to get the latest updates on the new releases available today, including updates to the Query Builder Market Classifications and our new Recommendation Engine.

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MINT+ Market Segments

Universal standardized classification for events in MINT+ has arrived. If you've only got 5 minutes, check out this short New MINT+ Classifications video to get a quick overview of what's new!

Want to learn more? Check out our 40-minute webinar from June 23rd, 2021, where we go into much more detail and answer some common questions.

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