Proposal Administration

Process Overview

This process document provides your organization guidance for creating a new SendSites page to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP). This document is meant to provide an overall concept and is not intended to serve as standard operating procedures.

This Process document provides guidance based on the following characteristics and specifications:

  • Branded SendSites templates are built and ready for use.
  • Sales Representatives need catered content for an RFP.
  • You have Content Administrator access within the SendSites platform.
  • An RFP has been developed as a Lead record within your Simpleview CRM.
  • Responses from appropriate hotel properties have been added to the CRM Lead.

Workflow Description

Sales representatives generate electronic proposals in response to RFPs submitted by Meeting Planners. In using the tools and steps outlined below, your organization’s Sales team(s) may build a SendSites page to accurately represent your destination.

These SendSites pages depend on the establishment of branded templates. Multiple branded templates are recommended, each to represent your organization’s individual sales team. For example, your Sports Sales team may have a branded template that differs from a Corporate Sales team.

Action Items Accomplished Through These Processes

  • Create a SendSite page (Proposal) for use as a response to an RFP
  • Communicate Proposal to a Meeting Planner
  • Track a Meeting Planner’s engagement with the SendSites page

Tools & Features Used During These Processes

  • SendSites Library
  • Organization’s designated email management platform
  • SendSites Dashboard


Workflow Process Steps

The process of communicating your destination’s response to an RFP starts with data being created, collected and stored with CRM. It is then used to illustrate your destination’s story using a branded SendSites page.

Create a Proposal

  • Make note of the CRM Lead ID, Name and Meeting Planner’s name.
  • Start the SendSites build process by using an established Template.
  • Populate SendSites with property information based on hotels that provided bids to the CRM Lead.
  • Using the CRM Room Block Integration, data for the Lead should be populated within a SendSites section containing a table designated for this purpose.
  • Save the Proposal as a Draft, using a name reflecting the event information.

Delivering the Proposal is a matter of creating and communicating a unique URL for the newly created SendSites page. This URL will provide a view directly to the Proposal, allowing the Meeting Planner access to all catered content.

Communicate/Deliver Proposal

  • Generate a URL using the “Just create the link I'll send the email myself” feature. This is available during the Invite contacts to this page Step
      • Page Information
          • Page Name = Meeting Planner Name Lead ID Meeting Name
      • Recipient Information
          • First Name = Lead ID
          • Last Name = Meeting Name
          • Company/Organization = Meeting Planner Organization
          • Email Address = Meeting Planner email
      • Options
          • Create on behalf of = Appropriate Sales Representative
  • Copy URL
  • Using your organization’s email marketing program, generate and send a unique email, providing the previously created URL.

Once the SendSites page is communicated to the Meeting Planner, be sure to keep track of their engagement with your Proposal.

View Dashboard

  • Use the Visited indicator to know when the page was viewed by the Meeting Planner.
  • Make note of the Active bars indicating if the activity has occurred on the page within the last 7 (seven) days.
  • Notice the Last Visited column indicating the last time the page was viewed.

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