Admin: Search Functionality

Defining Search

The Search feature in Simpleview DAM provides only proper matches for search terms. For example, searching "tree" will return exact matches for that term. Improper matches would return results like "street" or "streetlight" for the same search. These unsuitable results clutter search results pages.

Search Functions

Below we have outlined additional search parameters available to DAM Admin Users.

  • DAM ID: Users can search by using an asset's DAM ID, i.e., "067-3-0013". The ID value must be contained in quotation marks.
  • Wildcard Characters: Adding an asterisk (*) at the end of a search term returns stemmed words. For example, searching "snow*" will return "snowman" or "snowbank.”
  • @Character: DAM Search removes "@” from queries. This function eliminates the ability to search for Instagram handles or email addresses.
  • Phrase Search: Users can search by placing a phrase or string of terms between quotation marks. For example, you can search for "Flower Covered Bridge."
  • Stopwords: The list below contains words that DAM Search will ignore:

    • about
    • are
    • com
    • for
    • from
    • how
    • that
    • the
    • this
    • und
    • value
    • what
    • was
    • when
    • will
    • where
    • who
    • with
    • www

Using Search

The results of a Search depend on the search criteria. The system produces a complete list of results that match the search criteria when a user presses the enter key. 

Click Here for a Demonstration

The results list displays in a grid according to the relevancy of the search criteria. This graded relevancy is based on the number of the criteria’s occurrence within an asset’s title, description, keywords, location use information or credit. For example, if your search word is “tree,” the results display any assets where the word tree exists for the asset. The example asset below would appear in a search’s results because the word “tree” is included in the asset’s description.



Video Demonstration: Search Functionality

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