Downloading Assets in the DAM

What Assets Types are Available in the DAM?

The Simpleview DAM supports several asset types including images, videos, documents, logos and audio files. 


When a user logs into the DAM system, it will only display the asset types for which the user has been granted access. Use the search, filter and view options found at the top of the grid to locate and manage assets as needed. More information about views, searches and filters

Download Queue

The Download Queue allows users to collect and manage assets for downloading, along with creating collections for sharing.

Adding Assets to Queue

To download assets from the DAM, they will need to be added to the Download Queue found on the left navigation bar. 



Users need access granted by an administrator to utilize the Collections options.

To add assets to the Download Queue, first select an asset from the DAM grid. Hovering over an asset will provide a preview of it, along with its asset details. Next, select the download icon associated with the asset.


Selecting this icon will open the download options pop-up for the asset type. The options can include the format type and size of the asset. Select the download option to add the asset to the Download Queue. 


Once the asset type as been selected, the system provides a confirmation at the top of the view that your item has successfully been added to the Download Queue. 


Managing the Download Queue

The Download Queue is where users can manage, finalize and download the assets added to the queue to their device. To do this, select the ‘Download Queue’ option from the left navigation bar. 


Selecting the ‘Download Queue’ option opens the Download Queue screen. The page displays  all the assets selected for download, along with their details.


Asset details include the following:

  • Thumbnail: A small preview of the asset. 
  • Asset Title: The name the system uses to identify the asset.
  • File Size: The total file size of the asset according to the format and size selected for download.
  • Use Information: Data in this field provides use information and restrictions of any asset. This information must be followed when using the asset after downloading. 
  • Location: This field identifies the location where the asset was created. 
  • Credit: Provides asset credit information to display when used.
  • Selected File Size: The format and size of asset selected for download. The selected File Size can be adjusted as needed in the asset details

Downloading Assets

Depending on how the administrators set up the DAM platform, users may see a few different options to download assets from the Download Queue. 

Option 1: Download Asset

If the DAM administrators have set the system to download without requesting, you will see the following options available.

Download an individual asset by selecting the ‘Download’ option.


To download all assets listed in the queue, use the ‘Download All’ button located at the top of the queue. 



When using the ‘Download All’ option, assets will be downloaded individually and not in a zip file.

Both options will prompt the system to download the asset(s) to your device. Assets will still remain in your queue until removed.

Option 2: Request to Download

If the system or a user’s access is set to request the use of an asset, further steps need to be taken in the download process. 

To download an asset, select the ‘Request’ button next to the individual asset in the queue. 


Selecting this button opens a prompt with guidelines for use of that asset, as outlined by the administrators of the DAM platform. Complete the ‘How will you be using this asset?’ field on this prompt to provide usage details. 



Please be as detailed as possible to assist administrators in the approval process.

After reviewing the guidelines and completing the information about the asset’s use, select the ‘Agree’ button to complete the process of submitting the request. 


Based on the DAM’s configuration of the request feature, one of the actions outlined below will occur after users submit a request to download an asset:

  • Option 1 - Instant Approval: The user can immediately download assets from the queue, using the steps outlined in Option 1: Download Assets, above. 
  • Option 2 - Admin Approval: Users submit a request to the DAM administrators. An  administrator then approves or denies the download request. In either case, the system sends the requesting user a notification with directions for further action.
    • Approved by Admin: The user can download assets from the queue, using the steps outlined in Option 1: Download Assets, above. 
    • Denied by Admin: The user will not be able to download the asset or assets. The user may contact the DAM administrators for further information.

Removing Assets

Users have two options for removing assets from the Download Queue. The first is selecting the ‘Remove’ button on the individual asset in their queue.


The other option is using the ‘Remove All’ button located at the top of the queue.


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