DAM Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I download assets/files?

A: Click the download icon on an individual asset and then select the file type and size of the asset you would like to download (i.e. JPEG, Medium). You will see a notification indicating the file has been sent to your Download Queue.

Once you are done selecting the assets you desire, go to the Download Queue from the side navigation and click the ‘Download’ button next to each file or select ‘Download All’ at the top of the queue.

More information about downloading assets

Q: The file is in Download Queue, and I click ‘Download,’ but nothing happens. What should I do?

A: Please try the following troubleshooting steps: 

→ First, verify where your browser downloads files and try to locate the files there. 

If you cannot find them in your default download folder - log out of the DAM, refresh your browser, log back in and try downloading the files again.

If you are still unable to download the files, restart your computer, log back into the DAM and try to download the files.

If none of the above options work, please use the 'Contact Us' option from the side navigation

Q: I tried downloading and received a message saying I’ve reached my download quota. What does this mean? What should I do?

A: Download quotas are set on each user, which monitors the amount of content being downloaded from their library. If you reach your quota and need to download more, please use the 'Contact' option from the side navigation

Q: I requested to download a file, and I was notified it was sent for approval and then turned to ‘Pending’. How long do I have to wait until I can download the file?

A: This is dependent on the administrator's response time. If you have not received an email indicating the request was approved or denied within 24 hours, please use the 'Contact Us' option from the side navigation. 

Q: When I scroll over a photo or video, I see a watermark on the preview, will the watermark be on the downloaded file?

A: No, the watermark does not appear on the downloaded file.

Logging In & Registering

Q: I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

A: Click ‘Forgot your password?’ on the client login page or click here to reset your password.

Once logged into the DAM portal, you can also change your password in the User option of the side navigation. 

More information about logging into the DAM 

Q: I already have a Barberstock/DAM account and am trying to log in to another organization’s library, but I keep getting redirected to the library I originally signed up for.

A: You must fill out and submit a registration form for each organization’s Barberstock/DAM library you would like to have access to via their respective login page.

Please make sure you have logged out of your current Barberstock/DAM account when going to a different client’s login page.

Once the organization has approved your request, you will be able to access multiple libraries with just one login/password. You can toggle between the libraries by using the drop-down menu next to the Simpleview logo at the top of the page.

Q: I tried logging in to my account but received a message saying my account expired, what should I do?

A: Administrators can set an expiration date on a user's account so that they can no longer log in after a specific date. If your account is expired and you still need access, please use the 'Contact' option from the side navigation. 

Q: I submitted the Registration Form, and I was notified it was sent for approval. How long do I have to wait until I can access the library?

A: This is dependent on the client’s response time. If you have not received an email with your login information within 24 hours, please use the 'Contact Us' option from the side navigation. 

File/Asset Types

Q: There are some file types and sizes available for some assets but not for others, why is that?

A: The highest quality/size file is uploaded into the DAM portal as received and is processed into various sizes based on set standards. Those standards are continually updated to reflect industry best practices, so you may still see some file types that are no longer processed. Some libraries are set up only to support specific file preferences that may not be available in all libraries.

Q: If I need a larger or higher quality file, then what is available in the library what should I do?

A: The highest quality/size file is uploaded into the DAM portal as received. If you require a larger file or different format, please use the 'Contact Us' option from the side navigation. 

Q: How do I know if I have the rights to use a file?

A: Each file has an option to include Terms & Conditions (found in the left column) as well as credit and use information. The credit and use information can be seen when a file is scrolled over or in the Download Queue. Not all files may have this information. If you would like further clarification, please use the 'Contact Us' option from the side navigation. 

Library Features

Q: What are Categories?

A: Categories allow administrators to organize their assets into groups based on a common theme. They also allow users like you to narrow down searches. When you click on a Category, you will only be searching within that Category, not the entire library.

If you click on a Category and there are no assets found, you may have limited access to the library, or it may be a parent Category.

Q: What are Collections?

A: Administrators can create a Collection of assets and share it with users within the system. When the user clicks on the Collection, it will open up a Download Queue with only the specific assets the Administrator selected to share.

Collections are often used to share new content, marketing campaigns, and best-of-collections.

User (not Client) Reporting A Login Issue

When a user contacts support directly regarding a login issue on a particular platform, there are a number of reasons this could happen. In order to properly assess what the exact cause is prior to submitting a ticket, we want to communicate with the user to obtain some additional information. This could help resolve their issue quickly by giving them a couple of things to try.

Questions to ask the user:

Q: Did the user try registering?

A: The reason for asking this is because in cases such as Hawaii, where they have two platforms, the user can assume they signed up on one when trying to log in but, in fact, had signed up on the other. The two platforms are individual from one another, requiring the user to register on each. If they had not tried registering, they should be able to.

Q: If the user did try registering, did they receive a message saying their email already exists?

A: This will help us determine if this user is, in fact, signed up on the platform should they receive a message stating their email address is already being used.

Q: If the user received the message saying their email exists, did the user try resetting their password?

A: They should try resetting their password to help determine if they are still having access issues. If they still can’t log in after doing this, it helps us narrow down that their user account is likely being affected on the back end.

Q: Does the user exist in the user list?

A: Log in with an admin user and go to the Left Navigation > Review > Users. Double-check if the user is in the list but set to inactive. In this case, the user would need to contact the client in the event they were set to inactive for some reason.

If the user is in the list, double-check for an expiration date since that will need to be removed as well.

If the user has tried all of the above and they are not listed in the user list, please submit a servicing ticket with the information obtained from asking the user the above questions.

Have more questions?

If you have any further questions or concerns working within the DAM portal, please check out our DAM Knowledgebase or use the 'Contact Us' option from the Product Header. 

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