Client Portal Overview

What is the Client Portal?

Simpleview’s Client Portal provides access to various resources, most notably our ticketing system and user resources.  

You can navigate through the Client Portal from two main areas:

  1. The Main Menu, located at the top of the page, provides access to all features.
  2. Links on the Portal Home page also provide access to many of the same features.


Navigating the Client Portal from the Main Menu

The Main Menu provides access to all of the features of the Client Portal. The Client Portal’s Main Menu options include the Portal Home, along with Products & Services, Connect and Educate


Portal Home

Upon logging in to the Client Portal, you will arrive at the Portal Home page. You can always use this link to navigate back to the Client Portal Home. The "Navigating the Client Portal from the Home Page" section of this article provides more information.   


Products & Services

This menu contains access points for creating and/or viewing tickets as well as managing Client Portal users. 


Projects & Tickets

For users with access, this section displays tickets related to your destination organization’s contracted Simpleview Products and Services. Refer to the Admin: Simpleview's Ticketing System article for information, including the full ticketing process and the relationship between projects and tickets. 

Manage Ticketing Alerts

If you have been granted access to the ticketing system, you will be able to control the types of ticked-related email notifications you receive.

Account Management 

If you have been granted access to this option, you will be able to add new users to the Client Portal and regulate existing users in the following ways:

  • Create and Edit Client Portal User Information, including name, title and email address
  • Control User Forum permissions, ranging from no access to full posting privileges


Simpleview authorizes and controls access to both account management and the ticketing system.  If your destination organization wishes to update any of the permissions not under its direct control, please use the ticketing system to contact your Simpleview DAM Support team.

Permission to manage your destination organization's Client Portal account also includes the ability to Deactivate and/or Reactivate users. The list includes Active Users first, followed by any Inactive Users. 



The ‘Connect’ menu contains access points to the User Forum. If your destination organization did not grant you access to the User Forum, you will not be able to access one or both of the submenu options.  


User Forum

Simpleview offers a forum for our clients to discuss industry and Simpleview DAM-related matters with their peers. Your destination organization controls its users’ access to the DAM Forum, ranging from no access to view-only access to full post and reply privileges. 

Users with access to the forum can use the ‘Keyword Search’ to locate information. Additionally, users can subscribe to the category or any thread within it. Select the category and/or thread and then click the ‘Subscribe’ button. Subscribing configures the system to send you an email whenever a post or reply is added to that category.


Your Profile 

Use this section to build your brief User Forum profile, including adding a picture. This information will display when you post or reply on the User Forum. The Profile also shows your Subscriptions. Access this section of the Client Portal if you wish to unsubscribe from any of the User Forum categories or topic threads.



This section includes access to Simpleview webinars related to its full suite of products and services. Click 'Webinars' from this menu or click the 'Webinars' icon on the Home Page.  For more information about webinars, see this article's 'Webinars' section, below.

Navigating the Client Portal from the Home Page

Clicking on the ‘Portal Home’ option from the Main Menu brings you to the home page. The links on the Portal Home Page show up front and center. Users with permission can use these links to quickly access Client Portal features.

Portal Icons

Anyone who logs into the Client Portal will see their destination organization's available Portal Icons. All users will be able to access Simpleview’s webinars from the corresponding Portal icons. However, each destination organization can restrict access to the ticketing system and the User Forum. As a result, you may only be able to click into some of the Portal icon links.


Projects & Tickets

More information on Simpleview's ticketing system

User Forum

Read this article's "User Forum" section for a full explanation. 


Clicking the ‘Webinars’ link takes you to the webinar page. The Client Portal’s Webinars landing page consists of the following general sections, shown in the image below:

A. Webinar Categories
B. Webinar Search
C. Upcoming Training Webinars
D. Archived Training Webinars


Recent Forum Posts

Located on the right side of the Portal Home screen, the ‘Recent Forum Posts’ section displays for all users. However, you will only be able to click into Forum posts specifically related to the Simpleview Digital Asset Management category. Read this article's "User Forum" section for a full explanation.



Accessing and Logging into the Client Portal

How Do I Gain Access to the Client Portal?

In most cases, Simpleview creates your destination organization’s Client Portal account as part of the product /service set up. However, your staff with Client Portal account management permission can also add users. 

If your destination organization needs help giving staff access to the Client Portal, please contact your DAM Support Team. Simpleview prefers that you use the ticketing system to present your request. 

Once your information has been added, the system will send you an email invitation with your temporary login information. 


Your username will be the email address Simpleview has on file and the initial password will be a system-generated generic code. The Client Portal requires you to update your password upon first login. Please choose a password with 6-12 characters. 


Please add the email address of to your Safe Sender email list. This will ensure all emails sent from the Client Portal will make it to your inbox and not be stopped or blocked by your spam and junk email filter settings.


How Do I Log Into the Client Portal?

You have several ways of accessing the Simpleview Client Portal. You can go to Simpleview’s main, public webpage - and click the "Client Sign In" link at the top right to access the Client Portal login page


You can also use the direct link to Simpleview’s Client Portal. The initial email invitation to access Simpleview’s Client Portal includes this URL. 


When you arrive at the Client Portal login page, enter the username and password provided in the email invitation from Successful login produces the following Client Portal Home page.



What If I Forget My Password? 

If you forget your password, you can click the "Forgot Password?" option on the Client Portal login page. 


The system will create a temporary password and email it to you. This temporary password lets you log in and create a new permanent password. The image below shows a sample email message with the password reset information.


How Do I Sign Out of the Client Portal?

Combined with your internet browser settings, the Portal will automatically log you out after a period of inactivity. However, you may manually exit the Portal by clicking the ‘Sign Out’ button in the top right corner.



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