What is the Simpleview Data Asset Manager?

What is the Simpleview Digital Asset Manager?

Simpleview DAM, formerly Barberstock, is a digital asset management (DAM) solution specifically created for the travel and tourism industry. 

The DAM allows organizations to bring their entire photo, video, audio and document library together into one centralized system. Once added to an organization's suite of Simpleview products, users can easily organize, manage and distribute all files. The platform also allows industry users, such as media or partners, to access, download or even contribute to assets within the system. 

This product can save team members time, while also increasing productivity and collaborative efficiency. The DAM system is ideal for internal file organization, external media distribution, collaboration and archiving. 

With What Simpleview Products Does the DAM Integrate?

Simpleview DAM is a standalone platform that can also be integrated with the Simpleview CRM and CMS. 

CMS Integration: The DAM functions as a single-source repository with the ability to import images into the CMS, which then uses those images to build website content. 

CRM Integration: The DAM functions as an asset source in CRM for records, such as Listings, that can include images and logos.

How Do I Get the DAM Product? 

If you would like to go through a detailed demo or add the Simpleview DAM to your product portfolio, please reach out to your Simpleview Account Manager or submit a ticket through the Client Portal.

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