Recommended Meetings Overview

What are Recommended Meeting Profiles? 

The MINT+ platform stores meeting information and organization data synced from destination organizations. Once this data is created in MINT+, the system compiles and displays suggested events and meetings available for prospecting in the 'Recommended Meetings' grid using a prediction algorithm. These suggested events and meetings are recommended based on their score in matching the booking pattern of your organization's previously submitted meetings.

Actively accepting and rejecting suggestions and ensuring more of your booked meeting data is available for automation will help improve the recommendations over time.

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Filtering Recommended Meeting Profiles 

Filters allow users to refine Recommended Meeting recommendations. This grid offers the following filters: Sizes (Number of Attendees), Key Classifications, Regions, and Omit Meetings. 

In addition, a ‘Hide Flagged’ checkbox allows you to remove meetings that have already been flagged from the results. This box is checked by default. 

Each filter change initiates an auto-refresh of the page. For example, when you change the filter option for regions to “west,” the page automatically refreshes, and all records with a west region are displayed in the grid. This page will show a maximum of 100 records per view.

Key Classifications: Filter your recommendations based on the Key Classification grid used in Query Builder. Key Classifications are based on standard industry groupings which use the NAICS and NTEE classification systems. 

Size: Filter your meetings based on a large or small meeting within MINT+.

Region: Select from the available core regions or any Custom Regions your DMO admin has created under your DMO Profile.

Omit Meetings: By default, this filter skips any meetings MINT+ knows of that have met in your destination in the last five years. You can change this filter to increase or decrease the time used to filter out your destination’s booked meetings.

Use the Export button to generate a spreadsheet from the grid’s data.

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Recommended Meetings Grid

The Recommended Meetings grid displays rows of Organization Names, Meeting Names, Classifications and Regions. Within this grid, you can review if the meeting fits the criteria of your destination and accept the meeting as a good match or reject it for various reasons. 

Meetings Grid Sub Menu

Click the Hamburger Hamburger Icon.png Icon to accept or reject a meeting. If you reject the meeting, use the options below “Reject the recommendation” to identify why a meeting doesn't meet your organization's needs. Selecting a reason allows MINT+ to alter future meeting suggestions provided to your organization. 

If you accept the meeting, it will be marked with a star and displayed within the ‘Flagged Meetings Grid’ for further review. Note that accepting a meeting is the same as clicking the Star Star Icon.png Icon next to a meeting.

Your suggested meetings will become more accurate as you accept or decline meetings and add meeting data to the database.

For more information on Flagged Meetings, read 'Flagged Meetings Overview'. 

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