Flagged Meetings Overview

What Are Flagged Meetings? 

Flagged Meetings are meeting profiles within MINT+ that are marked for import into the Simpleview CRM. You can access these records from the ‘Flagged Meetings’ submenu within the Left Navigation panel. 

Flagged Meetings Main Screen.png

From the Flagged Meetings menu, you may access a list of the following records: 

Flagged Meetings: This is a list of meetings marked within MINT+ to review or export. 

For Simpleview CRM DMOs, you can use the integration to bring these records into the Simpleview CRM

Rejected: These Meetings have been rejected for specific users from the Recommended Meetings list. Any meetings marked as Rejected will appear in the Rejected meetings list.  

Rejected for the whole DMO: These meetings have been rejected for everyone at your organization and will no longer appear within the Recommended Meetings for any users. Any meeting marked as ‘Rejected for the whole DMO’ will appear here.

Imported Meetings: These were previously flagged meetings that have since been marked as imported. 

Note: If a record was imported using the Simpleview CRM integration automated import, it automatically converts flagged meetings to an ‘Imported’ status. 

Flagged Meetings List

The Flagged Meetings section has the following options to review and process meeting data:

Export: Click ‘Export’ to download the Meeting data. Data is exported in an Excel format. 

Clear Flags: Use the ‘Clear Flags’ to remove the Meeting Profiles from the flagged list. 

Mark as Imported: If you are a Simpleview client, when you flag a meeting and import it into the Simpleview CRM, the meeting is marked as flagged automatically. You can review those meetings from here. 

If you are not a Simpleview client, clicking ‘Mark as Imported’ will move all Meetings to the ‘Imported’ List. Only select this option if you have already imported all meetings into your CRM platform. This feature helps you keep track of the meetings you have imported. 

Admins can see their organization’s Flagged Meetings from all users, while standard users can only see their own Flagged Meetings. 

Flags, Imported, View.png

Rejected Meetings 

The Rejected Meetings view lists meetings you have rejected in the recommended Meetings tool. If some time has passed and you want to put rejections back in the recommended meetings tool to be considered again, you can clear your rejections. To do so, click ‘Clear Rejections,’ and the meetings will no longer appear on the Rejected Meetings grid. 

Admins can see their organization’s Rejected Meetings from all users, while standard users can only see their own Rejected Meetings. 

Meetings Rejected.png

Meetings Rejected for the Whole DMO 

Unlike Rejected Meetings, “Rejected for the whole DMO” is a list of meetings you exclude from the Recommended Meetings list for everyone at your organization. This means that the meetings will not appear on anyone's Recommended Meetings list. Use the ‘Clear DMO Rejections’ to remove these Meetings from the Rejected for the Whole DMO list if you want them to be available again for consideration.

Meetings Rejected by DMO.png


The Imported list displays all meetings that have been marked as imported. If you have the  Simpleview CRM, Flagged meetings will automatically move here when you use the “Import from MINT+” functionality in your CRM. If you would like to reset this list to start over, you can clear the list by clicking the ‘Clear Imported Flags’ button. Once you have cleared the imported list, the meetings will no longer be displayed and will be allowed to show again in your recommended meetings list. 

To learn more about Recommended Meetings, read ‘Recommended Meetings Overview’. 

Imported MINT+ Meeting.png

Editing Flagged Meetings 

As you review the Meeting Profile data in each of the Flagged Meetings lists, you can edit their flag status by using the edit button. This feature allows you to change which list the record will reside in. For example, this is helpful when a meeting was initially rejected due to a size limitation, but now your destination can host meetings of that size. In this situation, you could edit the row and change the checkbox from rejected to flagged, indicating that this meeting is a record you want to bring into your CRM. Once you have edited a record, click update to save your change.

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