Quick Search Overview

What is a Quick Search? 

The Quick Search feature in MINT+ allows you to locate specific organizations, meeting profiles, or contact records. Results are displayed in a grid view, showing different record types related to the search, starting with the most recently updated.

As users navigate the platform, the Quick Search remains a persistent element within the MINT+ Header. 

Quick Search.png

Using Quick Search 

Searches are started when you enter a word or MINT+ ID in the search box. A minimum of three characters is required to begin the search. Follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the Quick Search bar
  2. Provide a search parameter. This could be a keyword or a MINT+ ID
  3. Press ‘Enter’ or click the search button
  4. Review the search results
  5. Click a search result to view more details
Click Here for a Demonstration
Quick Search Results.gif

Viewing Quick Search Results 

The Quick Search generates results based on the criteria associated with the keyword. Results are displayed in the following order:

Organizations: These are relevant businesses stored in the MINT+ platform.

Meetings: Meeting profiles that match the Quick Search criteria.

Contacts: These individuals are linked to the Quick Search criteria.

Items in Progress: This section lists matching records that a user is building. 

Note: With MINT+ automation, you are no longer required to submit data manually. However, due to user requests, we have enabled these features for users who still want to submit data in addition to automation.

Users can flag an organization or meeting on the Quick Search results page. 

Accessing Records

Once the search results appear, you can access a record by clicking on its title. A detailed record view will appear, where you can review associated data.

Updating Results 

You can modify the "Search for" text to update the criteria and generate new results, making the search process more targeted.

Click Here for a Demonstration
Updating Results.gif

You can refine results by selecting options such as "Entered by my DMO only" or "Exclude Organizations without Meeting Profiles in MINT+." 

Note: Any data that comes in from your DMO via automation will not show up as being entered by your DMO. This field will limit results only to show data your DMO manually entered. 

Entered by DMO only.png

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