Settings Overview

Defining Settings

The Settings menu is a centralized location for configurations related to your organization’s SendSites platform. Items such as personal settings and user management are controlled within Settings.


Accessibility of the Settings menu and its tabs is controlled by a user’s assigned User Role. The features of each role are outlined below in the ‘Creating a User’ subtopic of ‘Users’.


The Subscription menu outlines your organization’s contractual setup of the SendSites platform.


The ability to modify your Organization’s subscription is disabled. If you would like to increase the amount of users or update payment information, please contact your Simpleview Growth Director.


Persons with access to your SendSites platform are controlled within the ‘Users’ tab.


The grid displays all active users for your SendSites product. Other actions such as editing, adding and deleting a user are available from this tab, as well.

Deleting a User

To remove a user from your organization’s SendSites platform, click the ‘Delete User’ icon.


Before permanently deleting the user, the system prompts you with a confirmation window.


Editing a User

The ‘Edit User’ image-6.jpeg icon allows you to modify all fields on a user’s account. For an explanation of each, refer to the ‘Creating a User’ subtopic below.


When a user’s email address is updated, a confirmation message is sent to the new address. The email contains instructions for completing the change.


Creating a User

To create a new SendSites user, click the ‘Add User’ image-9.jpeg button. Provide information in the fields as described below. To complete the process, click ‘Save’.



First Name and Last Name can be changed by a user through their ‘My Profile’ tab.

  1. First Name: Provide the user’s first name. This first name value appears in Pages and communications where personalization is set to display “Agent First Name.”
  2. Last Name: Provide the user’s last name.This last name value appears in Pages and communications where personalization is set to display “Agent Last Name.”
  3. Email Address: Provide the email for the user. This address functions as their username for logging into SendSites.
  4. Time Zone: Set the locale for the user’s physical location. This affects the display of date/time stamp related information for Page metrics shown on the Dashboard.
  5. User Role: The selected dropdown value controls the features available to the user within the SendSites platform. Definitions of Each User Role
  6. Login Security Lock Out: This setting is automatically enabled if a user has three failed login attempts. An admin may also check this box to temporarily remove a user’s access to SendSites.

When creating a new user, the system prompts with a warning, if your subscription user limit is met.


Once a user is granted access to SendSites, they will receive an email containing their login information.



The Account tab displays information about your organization. This data can be updated by an Administrator, directly affecting any information set to display in Pages, Templates and on communications.


Each field, when populated, displays its corresponding value using the “Company” fields from the Personalization tool.



The SendSite tab stores your organization’s Logo, along with the default Header Image for use in Templates and Pages. This is usually managed by your SendSites team, but can be updated by an Admin.


Clicking into either image, engages a “Browse Library Images” window. Update these images, using the same guidance found in the Managing Images subtopic.

Click Here for a Demonstration

Visit Notifications: Use this box to provide a single email address that should receive all notifications of a visitor’s view of a Page. These notifications are for any Pages created by all users of your SendSites platform.

Publishing Domain: This field stores the domain information for your SendSites Pages. When a new page is generated, the unique link is appended to this URL.

It is important that this domain URL not be modified without first discussing with your SendSites support team.


The ‘Customization’ tab stores CSS code particular to tailoring brand settings for your SendSites Pages.

It is extremely important that code contained herein is not modified without first discussing with your SendSites support team.

My Profile

All users of your SendSites platform have access to a ‘My Profile’ tab, providing the ability to change information about themselves.

All fields on this page are editable by a user. All changes are immediate upon clicking ‘Save and Apply’ at the bottom of the page.



This user-specific information is populated into pages, when using the “Agent” options from the Personalization tool.


Changes to the name fields updates the user’s account. However, a user may provide an alternate email address here, not affecting their login.

Additional features of the Settings tab are:

Change Login Password: Use this button to update the password for logging in to SendSites.

Profile Photo: Upload a headshot for use on your pages. This image is also used for the ‘My Profile’ avatar in the upper left corner of SendSites. The dimensions of the image should be 275px x 275px.

Social Links

This section displays Social Media URLs for the current user.


Populating information allows a user to display personalized social media links on SendSites pages. Please check with your Admin before changing these links.


This section stores information for any products configured to work with your SendSites platform. For additional information on integrations, please work with your SendSites support team.


The Options portion of the Settings tab provides various settings for email notifications, triggering events and reporting. Each feature is outlined below.


Visit Notifications: When enabled, an email notification is sent upon a visitor viewing a SendSites page created by the current user.

Mute Triggers: If/when the current logged in user views a page from their Dashboard, SendSites includes this in the view count for the page. To disable this count, uncheck the box.

Default BCC: To include a BCC recipient on all page view invites, provide the desired email here. This setting only applies to views accessed from page links sent from the “Invite” button of SendSites.


Administrative Reports: An Administrative Report includes metrics such as user activity and visitor engagement. Enable the checkbox to receive this monthly report in email format.

Sales Reports: Enable this setting to receive weekly reported metrics for users of your SendSites product.

Share Image Assets: Enable this setting to automatically share all images you upload with your organization.

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