Managing DAM Users and User Permissions

Understanding the DAM User Types

Simpleview DAM users are people who have access and work within the DAM platform. There are various permission and access settings for each of the user types.


 Access Groups are used along with the user types to determine which assets users can view and/or download.

Admin Users are able to:

  • Download and upload files
  • Edit assets, users, categories and access groups
  • Create and share collections
  • Add and approve new users and admins
  • Access all reports

Admin Users are able to access all assets, because they are automatically assigned to the ‘All Assets’ Access Group.

Regular User: Has the ability to search, view and download assets. 

For systems using the “Download Request” feature, if a file is set to ‘Enter Reason’, users have to provide a reason for requesting the file prior to downloading.

Limited User: Limited Users can search, view and request assets.  This user type only applies to systems with the “Download Request” feature.

Even if an asset is assigned to ‘No Request Required’, this user will have to enter a reason for requesting the file prior to downloading.

Restricted User: Restricted Users can only search and view assets. They are not able to select assets or access the “Download Queue.”

Contributor: If any of the above User Types are assigned to the ‘Contributor’ Access Group, the user can upload files to be reviewed and approved by Admin Users. These users will not have access to any further admin functions. 


If you would like this user to be able to view & download files along with contributing assets, assign the user to the Contributor group as well as a second Access Group, such as Media or Partners.

More information about managing contributor uploads 

How to Add Users to the DAM

There are two ways for adding new users or admins to your Simpleview DAM:

Option 1: User Registration

Based on the DAM setup options, users can register themselves via the login page. Users will be granted access instantly or submitted to an admin once a user has submitted the registration form.  


Admins who receive a notification email for new user requests can be managed in the portal. To manage who receives notification, select the ‘Review’ section, then ‘Notifications’ from the side navigation bar.

The notification email sent to an Admin User includes a link to the DAM for creating a user. Selecting the link connects the Admin User to the DAM platform. From here they can review the user information and assign permissions, access and functionality. 

Once the new user setup is completed, the user receives an automated email with login credentials. 


If you do not want the person to have access to your digital asset library, do not create the User account.

If your platform is set up for instant access, the user will immediately be emailed their login credentials when they register for an account via the login page.

Option 2: Admin User Creation

Admins can create a new user account in the DAM platform. Even if the first option is the default, this ability is retained.

Create a new user by selecting the ‘Account/Settings’ then ‘Add User’ from the side navigation bar. Selecting this navigation option opens the ‘Add User’ page. Enter in all contact, detail and access information for the new user. 


The user receives an automated email with their login credentials once the registration is completed. 

Access Fields

Review the information below to determine the use of each access field when creating users.


Maximum Download Quota: Indicates the amount of download space, in megabytes, a user is allowed. The system defaults to 5000MB. 

A user will no longer be able to download assets when they reach their set quota amount unless the amount is increased. 

User Type: Selects the permission and access settings for the user. More information about user types

Feature List: Allows additional functionality to the user, such as the ability to create Collections in the DAM.

Access Group: Select the access groups of assets for which the user should have access. More than one access group may be selected, as needed. Admin users are automatically assigned to ‘All Assets’.


If applicable, this section also grants the ability for users to upload to the DAM using the Contributor Portal

User expires: Sets an expiration date for the user’s access to the Simpleview DAM portal. Once the user reaches the date selected, they will no longer have access to log into the DAM. Leave this field blank to bypass this feature. 

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