Managing Access Groups

What Are Access Groups?

Access Groups allow users to organize both assets and users into groups within your Simpleview DAM. This feature is used to designate access to files for groups of users.

Best Practice

It’s recommended to follow a structure recognized throughout the travel industry. Commonly used groups include the following: Internal, External, Employees, Media, Partners, Agency, and Public.

Users are only able to view and download the assets in the Access Group for which they are assigned. The All Assets page includes a filter for ‘Asset Groups’. Only Asset Groups that a user has access to display as options in this filter.


To locate your Access Groups page, select ‘Review’ then ‘Access Groups’ from your side navigation. 


Selecting this navigation will bring you the Access Groups page. This page displays and allows admin users to manage the Access Groups.


All DAM platforms contain default Asset Groups that display as ‘Locked’  

These Asset Groups are as follows:

  • All Assets: Access to all active assets in the system. This is assigned to admin users by default and can be assigned to other users as needed. 
  • Contributor: Allows the ability for a user to upload an asset to the DAM platform. To grant access to assets as well as the upload capability, assign this user to an additional Access Group(s).
  • Login Page: (if applicable) Allows users to manage assets located on the DAM login page

Creating A New Access Group

To create a new Access Group, select the ‘Add Access Group’ button located above the list of existing Access Groups.


Selecting this button opens the Add Access Group screen. Provide the new Access Group name and, if desired, a description.



Information added in the description field will only be accessible by admin users.

When all information is complete, select the ‘Add’ button to add the Access Group to the existing list of Access Groups. 


To create additional Access Groups, repeat the steps above, or select the ‘View Current Access Groups’ button to go back to the main Access Groups page. 

Managing Existing Access Groups

In the Access Groups page, admin users have the ability search, edit or set the status of existing Access Groups created in the Simpleview DAM. 

Locating Access Groups

A few options are available to locate an existing Access Group. 

Locate an Access Group manually, by viewing the list on the page. Update the number of displayed results using the ‘Show Entries’ dropdown from the top of the page. 


Sort and Filter Options

The default grid view displays Access Groups available to a user. The Simpleview DAM offers users  the ability to search, sort and filter assets by keywords and/or filter options contained within the header.


Use the ‘Keyword’ dropdown to search for an Access Group using keywords from the ‘Title’ or ‘Description’ fields.


Use the ‘More’ dropdown to filter by selected Access Group settings.


Custom and Saved Views

The Access Group grid is set to a default view but has the ability to update the columns and their order by using the ‘Columns’ button located at the top of the list. Selecting this option will open up a slide panel to the side where desired columns and their order can be set. Once complete, select ‘Apply’ to update the table view.


View options and their applied filters can be saved by using the ‘Save As’ dropdown at the top right of the grid. This saved views feature allows users to share and switch between saved views using the view dropdown menu located next to the ‘Save As’ button.


To create a Saved View, apply any search, filter or view options and then select the ‘Save As’ dropdown and click the ‘Save as New View’ option. This will open up a slide panel which will prompt to can enter a name for your new view.



By default, saved views only displays for the user that creates it. To share the saved view with other admin users in the DAM, use the toggle ‘Show for All Users’.

Once created, the saved view will be added to the dropdown options under ‘Default View’ from the top right of the grid. 

Users can edit saved views as needed using the options in both the ‘Saved Views’ dropdown and the ‘Default View’ screens.

Editing Access Groups

An Access Group is edited by clicking the name of the group. This opens the group’s information, allowing review and editing of the Access Group.


Fields available to edit are listed below:

  • Name: The name of the Access Group 
  • Description: Provides additional information on the access group. The information added in this field can only be viewed by admins. 
  • Select Users for this Access Group: Users who are checked in the list below will have access to all assets assigned to the Access Group. Find users can by using the ‘Search’ keyword box, using the ‘Select All’ option, or manually scrolling through the list of users. Then check each individually. 
  • This group is locked for editing: Selecting this option locks the Access Group and all assets assigned while the Access Group is being updated. 

Be sure to unlock when all edits are complete. This will ensure that the assigned users of the Access Group regain access to the assets.

  • Members of this group are site admins: Selecting this option identifies the users assigned to this group as administrators. 

To finalize all changes use the save button. 


Access groups are deleted in this screen by using the ‘Delete this Access Group’ button located at the bottom of the screen. 


Adding Users to Existing Access Groups

Admins should use one of the options listed below for assignment of new or existing users to active Access Groups. 

  • Option 1 - Assign When User is Created: Access Groups can be assigned when a user is being added to the portal by an administrator or if their registration is being approved. More information about creating and managing users
  • Option 2 - Editing Existing Users: Access Groups can be added or managed when editing an existing User by an administrator.
  • Option 3 - Editing Existing Access Groups: Users can be assigned to an existing Access Group by an administrator as outlined in the ‘Editing Access Groups’ steps above.

Adding Assets to User Groups

Admins should use one of the options listed below for assignment of new or existing assets to active Access Groups. 

  • Option 1 - Assign When Uploading New Assets: Access Groups can be assigned when editing the metadata of an asset during upload to the DAM portal. More information about uploading assets
  • Option 2 - Editing Existing Asset Metadata: Access Groups can be added or managed when editing an existing asset's metadata by an administrator. 

Admins can not remove assets in multiples from Access Groups. For assistance in bulk asset removal, contact your Account Manager or submit a ticket through the Client Portal.

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