Managing DAM Contributors

What Is the Contributor Upload Portal?

The Contributor Upload Portal allows members, partners, photographers, agencies or other external users to upload content to the DAM library. Using this feature simplifies the process of obtaining new assets for the system.

Creating a Contributor User

In order to upload assets, a user must be granted “Contributor” access. This is done when setting up or editing a user through the ‘Access’ section. In this menu, use the ‘User Type’ dropdown to select either ‘Regular User’ or ‘Limited User.’ These user types can view and download assets, but do not have access to any other administrator functions. 


Once the User Type is set, in the ‘Access Group’ section, select the checkbox for ‘Contributor’. 



The user can be assigned to other Access Groups as needed. This will give the user access to additional assets in your library.

Once these steps have been completed, select the ‘Save’ or ‘Update’ button to save your changes.  

How to Review and Approve Contributed Files

When a Contributor uploads an asset, an email is sent to all admin users advising that an asset has been uploaded for approval. 


To manage which admin users receive emails notifications for uploaded assets, contact your Account Manager or submit a ticket through the Client Portal

The Contributor will be required to enter the following metadata fields upon upload: 

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Credit
  • Use Information

Once asset information is complete, the contributor is notified of assets available for approval. At this point, admin users approve or decline the uploaded assets from the ‘User Upload’ menu.

To manage uploaded assets, access the ‘Account/Settings’ then ‘User Uploads’ option from the side navigation bar. 


Selecting this navigation opens the User Upload screen displaying all Contributor uploaded assets. Asset metadata is reviewed and/or edited by selecting the ‘View/Edit Metadata’ button on each asset. 


All assets display a “Pending” status, which is automatically set upon submission by a Contributor. Admin Users can either approve or deny the contributed assets by selecting the appropriate status option or using the ‘Approve All’ or ‘Deny All’ buttons at the top of the screen.


If declined, the Contributor will receive an auto-generated notification showing that the asset was not approved. When declined, asset(s) will not be added to your library.

If approved, the Contributor automatically receives a notification that the asset has been approved. When this option is chosen, assets are automatically added to your library. Each asset is processed into the various file types and sizes, along with the applied metadata.

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