Configure Access & Usage Notifications

Setting Up Login and Registration Form

During the setup and launch of your Simpleview DAM, you will need to determine the login and registration pages for your platform. The Login page is the initial ‘landing page’ to your Simpleview DAM that all users will either log in to or register as a new user. The Registration form is used by new users to provide their details for gaining access to your DAM and its assets.

Please review the options below to assist in making a decision on what works best for your organization. For more information or to help make an informed decision, please reach out to you Account Manager.

Login Page Options

To configure your main Login page, select between the three options below.


The ‘Publicly Viewable Assets’ and ‘Custom Photo Carousel’ options allow non-registered users to preview the assets in your platform, but all options require registration to access or download from the library.

Option 1: Logo and Brand Colors

The Logo and Brand Color options keep all of your assets private on the DAM platform. Only registered users are able to see your assets after logging in. The Login page displays your logo and brand colors.

This option is most widely used by Simpleview DAM clients as a standard Login/Registration page.


Option 2: Publicly Viewable Assets

The Publicly Viewable Assets option displays both images and videos on the Login page. Users that are not registered on the platform are able to scan and search your assets, but will not be able to download them. You have the ability to control which assets appear on this page.

This option is beneficial if you want to allow people to browse your library prior to registering.


Option 3: Custom Photo Carousel

The Custom Photo Carousel displays selected images as a background and auto scrolls between them in a carousel. You will be able to select which images appear on this page. Only registered users are able to see your full asset library after logging in.

This option is beneficial for a visually appealing Login page as well as to feature high quality images from your platform.


New User Registration Approval Options

The registration process allows new users to provide details and request access to your DAM library. When configuring your Simpleview DAM, you need to select the workflow process for approval of new user access registration. 


Each option listed below allows the ability to customize the DAM registration form.

Option 1: Send Request to All Administrators 

The ‘Send Request to All Administrators’ is the default option for all DAM platforms, unless otherwise requested during the setup process. This option sends an email to all admin users of your platform, when a new user registers for an account. An admin then reviews and approves the user’s request. 

Any DAM admin users can set up and/or approve new users. You can always update the system notifications from the ‘Review’ > ‘Notifications’ menu of the left navigation.


Option 2: Send Request to Specific Administrators

The ‘Send Request to Specific Administrators’ option allows the ability to select specific Admin User(s) for approving registration requests. When a new user registers for an account, an email is sent to the selected Admin User(s) to review and approve.


Option 3: Auto-Registration

Using the ‘Grant Instant Access’ option instantly emails the login credentials and provides access to your library, upon a user registering for an account. This option can be configured to set the default permission settings (i.e. Access Groups, User Types). To configure this option, work with your Account Manager. 

Terms and Conditions Notification

A pop-up display of your Terms & Conditions appears the first time a user logs into your platform. The Terms and Notifications information outlines access to the site, usage of assets and other legal information pertaining to your DAM and its assets. In order to gain access to your library, users must scroll to the bottom and agree to the terms. 


The Terms & Conditions can be configured to display each time a user logs in. To do this, work with your Account Manager


Default Terms & Conditions (T&C) will be in place upon the initial setup of your DAM. If you would like to customize this text, access the information in the ‘User’ > ‘Terms & Conditions’ section of your side navigation.


Selecting this navigation will bring you to the Terms & Conditions page. This displays the current Terms of Service information displayed to your users.

From here, you will have several options available to update your DAM Terms and Conditions.


  • Client Terms: Displays the T&C page that uploaded or modified from the default information. 
  • Barberstock Terms: Displays the T&C page provided as default by the Simpleview DAM team during the initial setup of your platform.
  • Upload Terms & Conditions: Allows you to upload a T&C form that appears to contributors when they upload assets to the DAM. This feature is not enabled for all platforms. 
  • Edit Client Terms: Opens a basic WYSIWYG editor to alter the current T&C form.
  • Edit Upload T&C: Opens a basic WYSIWYG editor for modifying the T&C form uploaded using the ‘Upload Terms & Conditions’ option outlined above.

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